NS Agitator Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.(N-Spindle) was founded in 2004 and it is a rapidly growing manufacturer and supplier of agitators / mixers, mixing accessories, and complete agitation systems for various processes for use in Industrial and waste water treatment plant mixing applications.
NS agitators are started trading and semi manufacturing of agitator/mixing equipment¡¯s. After years of experiences, market exposure and customers request and need, we have started with small scale of mixing devices.
Through the years of R&D and developments, today NS (N-Spindle) is widely accepted in various kind of projects and mixing applications, especially on chemical process and waste treatment application.
Whether you require standard or custom mixing equipment, our engineering team will adapt custom design and manufacture according to your need of applications.
When you choose a partner with N-Spindle for your mixing projects, you'll experience shorter lead time and efficient service from our supportive team.
Vision Statement
To design and manufactur agitators/mixers toward customer specification with lowest possible cost yet able to operate with durable engineering parts & components.
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